A world premiere from Rubeus Milano — the "Swan Lake" precious perfume bottle. A graceful swan perches on the cap of an equally graceful phial, but one flick of the cap – and the bird soars. The jeweler's exceptional craftsmanship created this unique transforming object: the diamonds and yellow gold top of the phial can be removed and used as a piece of jewelry in its own right.
It can easily be worn as a brooch thanks to another technical trick — the pin is attached by a hidden turning mechanism. Crafting this unique cap, designed by the Rubeus design studio in Milano, required several hundred hours of work from several jewelers, each a highly skilled master. The golden figurine was adorned with eight carats of diamonds of most exceptional quality. They sparkle and shine against the red enamel surface. Applying enamel (grand feu) in shades of red is considered an immensely demanding task. Applying it on a silver base is even harder. But the master jewelers have handled both jobs perfectly.
In 2020 Rubeus introduces an even more complex object. Now two swans gently touch their elegant necks, creating a heart-shaped silhouette. This time, the Rubeus design studio gave the master jewelers an even greater challenge: to fix 743 diamonds on a delicately curved surface, and decorate it with enamel. This piece, just like the previous one, can be removed from the perfume bottle cap and worn as a brooch.
Jewellery was always at the heart of all things created by Rubeus: golden thread for fabrics, the most valuable kinds of leather, solid gold buckles for bags... A bag – Mydas – was also the first real piece of jewellery created by Rubeus. It was richly decorated with with rubies, sapphires, emeralds, diamonds and pearls (around 400 gems with total weight around 450 carats, 400 000 €) with a tutti-frutti motif. Another precious bag by Rubeus is jewellery version of our flash bag with yellow diamonds of the best quality on the clasp (64 000 €) and amazing Mydas bag with rubies, sapphires, emeralds, diamonds and pearls (around 400 gems with total weight around 450 carats, 400 000 €).

Eternally beautiful

yet very contemporary.